KEY360 is a user-designed, performance-centric, Business Management Platform. It covers over 100 major business processes for a range of business types and sizes from mega-construction projects to office management. This “universal mindset” facilitates most common system needs from the transactional level up to business intelligence when integrated across your operational silos.

KEY360’s ‘universal approach’ facilitates over one hundred business processes with new processes added on a regular basis via software updates. Connecting disconnected data sources on one single platform.

The platform can be implemented for a single company or location or it can facilitate multi-organizational collaboration platform between the client’s operations and third parties contractors. Key360 can leverage corporate data across any department to view and use.

This integrated “transactional and BI platform” approach solves the challenge of having disconnected IT systems so they can translate raw functional data into timely business intelligence enabling a consistent implementation, often against tight schedules, and enabling teams to continuously assess and improve their operations performance thus increasing team productivity by over 50%.

KEY360 facilitates behaviour modification that enables teams to continuously assess and improve their operations performance thus compounding increases in team productivity. Key360 is designed to let you add human insights to quantitative data, to identify human behaviours from business processes - so your entire organization gets incredibly smart, very fast due the transparency generated by the KEY360 Platform. Teams work better together.

In terms of Structure, KEY360 combines a wide range of business processes such as:

  • Over 100 Business and Project Management Systems on one platform available
  • Over 100 Business and Project Management processes
  • 15 Project Management areas
  • Based on “PMBOK” and other major PM methodologies
  • Advanced compression and Encryption technology

In terms of Collaboration, KEY360 offers a number of such processes like:

  • Inter-relational data with Multi-company access
  • Transact in real time in user friendly interface
  • Social Networking and Email interfacing
  • Centralized Work Breakdown Structure

In terms of Features, KEY360 offers a wide range like:

  • Comprehensive DMS and IPMS capabilities
  • Unrivalled KPI and Dashboard development tools
  • Seamless Interface with legacy systems
  • Role based security model
  • Data Management platform for “BIG” Data

And in terms of Business Improvement, the platform offers all the necessary support processes like:

  • Full audit capability
  • Performance and Human Capital management
  • Continuous Improvement tools
  • Integrated reporting tools

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